About 2 - jak to udelat aby to byla jen jedna?

We want our work to speak for ourselves. Check out our films and photos, they will tell you more than thousands words.

If you need to know more...

We love to work in the most difficult outdoor enviroments, because wild nature is literally our second home. In order to get a unique story, caught on film and photo material, we often visit inaccessible places, whether they are remote polar areas or the most difficult mountain climbing walls. There´s literally no impossible angle. Feel free to send us interesting project suggestion, request or question...

How it started

BERNARTWOOD was established in 2001 as a joke by young czech adventurer with head full of dreams Petr Pavlíček. At first I focused only on producing amateur martial arts videos. People liked my "eye" a lot, so my first paid jobs came soon. At the beginning I was creating detailed electronic touristic guides on CD-ROM and later on the web about West Tatry mountains (2002) Rychleby mountains (2004). I learned my first film skills working on touristic promotion videos, in which the mountain topic started to predominate more and more.

In the winter of 2005/6 I set off for my first long and lonely expedition to a remote winter scandinavian wilderness, which definitely directed the next steps of BERNARTWOOD. Many things changed there, during those lonely frozen weeks deep in the wild. This process is documented in the succesful autobiographical documentary fillm ALONE ACROSS FEMUNDSMARKA.

Since 2006 "BERNARTWOOD" has focused ONLY on making films, videos and photographs with mountain, climbing, expedition and adventure topics. Gradually we began to cooperate with different great adventurers. This resulted in the long term cooperation with the world´s best rock climber ADAM ONDRA. During the years 2009 - 2015 we produced two of the world´s most known and succesful climbing movies about Adam - The Wizard´s Apprentice (2012) and Change (2014).

These 2 hard but great movie experiences opened the whole new world of possibilities for our next steps.

Our free climbing videos regularly appear on hundreds on-line magazines, webpages or blogs in more than 100 countries, our photos has been published in hundreds of international magazines, books, calendars, web-pages, adverisement materials etc.

In 2012, talented czech photographer Bára Vávrová stepped in. Bára is focused on fineart photography and outdoor products promotion. Please check yout her work at: www.baravarova.com

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