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Date Days Distance today Distance total Morning position Evening position
28. 7. 2019 3 0 km 48,34 km Håvetoft ?

Norge på langs alias "The length of Norway". Legendary adventure and a dream of almost every active Norwegian. However, just a few people ever dared to fulfil it. There is only one rule. To get from Lindesnes fyr in the south to the northernmost point of the country Nordkapp, using only your own power. It doesn't matter which way you choose. Whether you walk on the road or follow mountain trails, that's completely up to you. So far only one person has run it. The shortest way (2660 km) on the main asphalt roads. Our aim is different. It's gonna be pure adventure, true fight and a way to real self-change. Welcome to our crazy 3000 km long run! Details HERE

Daily reportsDiary of the expedition with articles, photos, sometimes videos...more Maps and position Are you interested in our current position? Do you want to see the whole trip's map? more Social networksVisit our Youtube, Instagram and Facebook channels for more stories from the expedition. more PartnersPlease take a look at our partners that made this trip possible. Thank you very much for your support!more Info, strategy and rules What it is NPL?  What do we plan to do during this trip? How is our strategy? Wanna join us?more Team Learn more about the members of the Run Norge pa langs trip. Petr, Bára, Marie, Martin a Čenda.more

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