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Date Day from the start Distance today Total distance Morning position Evening position
20. 8. 2019 21 49 987 Sorken Feragen

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Run Norge på langs 2019
The essence of an adventureCold morning in FemundsmarkaJoy on HaltiFreedomPrice for your dreams

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(this is just a random preview text from an older article about trip to one rad mountain in Slovakia)

Very soon we see "him". We are fast enough. But I can feel my calfs a bit, to be honest. All food and water was left in the car, we don´t need it for such a small hike, but I have cca 7kg backpack anyway, with 2 Sony cameras and lenses (A7S II + 55mm F1,8 Zeiss and A6500 + 16-35 F4 Zeiss and Sigma ART 35mm F1,4 + Novoflex adapter), then another Olympus camera and several lenses, which Bara got from Olympus CZ for some testing and on top of that I carry 2 pairs of brand new running shoes from Montura, which we want to photograph before they get dirty. Which they would down in the wet muddy valley trails.

I like the pain of running with weight, it always means well deserved day. So I am taking the backpack as a nice little "training tool" for the upcoming running adventure in Norway in late August. There you have to run with heavier backpack than what you usually have in a race or normal training...

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