Norge på langs alias "The length of Norway". Legendary adventure and a dream of almost every active Norwegian. However, just a few people ever dared to fulfill it. There is only one rule. To get from Lindesnes fyr in the south to the northernmost point of the country, fabled Nordkapp, using only your own power. It doesn't matter which way you choose. Whether you walk on the road or follow mountain trails, go by bike or sea kayak, that's completely up to you. On foot (our aim) it usually takes from 4 up to 6 months to make it. So far only one person has run it. Incredible sport achievemet, wow! But... The runner was running on the asphalt roads full of cars, nonstop watched by his team, and he took the shortest way, so it was around 2660 km. Petr's aim is very different. To run mainly alone around 3000 km through the cold unknown mountains, gruelling wetlands with billions of mosquitoes, through the never ending deserted subarctic plateaus, very often far from civilization in total wilderness with no trails at all. And on top of that we want to produce several forms of detailed on-line documentation of this incredible journey. It's going to be pure adventure, true fight and a way to real self-change.

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Goals and message of the NPL project

There are 2 main goals on this trip. Both equally important!

  • To experience and finish Norge pa langs (NPL). Fast. We have only 70 days. Ideally by running, one runner (Petr) the whole journey, of course. Time will show how realistic this plan is. Sometimes small injury on such a demanding trip can destroy all the plans. If something unexpected happens, we will try to finish NPL by any clean means (bike, canoe or switching the runners etc).

  • To film a movie about NPL (about our attempt and generally) and to create high quality audiovisual materials for the partners and our audience

It's not only the journey of the body but also the journey of the mind. We will work hard to find out about how to have better life routines, self-discipline, we want to talk about meaningful values, enviromental issues and we also want to use the attention of the people who will follow this journey to support a dog shelter (as our little sporty dog will run the big part of the road too).


Norway, you gave us so much already... This summer will be incredible...

Date and route

July 25th 2019 till the end of September 2019

This is very idealistic plan. Hard to say if it is real. We must be back home in the czech Republic latest on October 4th 2019. Best case scenario would be to run 50 km per day = 60 days. However... Petr is much better filmmaker than elite runner. And we talk about often pathless wilderness of northern Scandinavia. In some parts Petr will have to find a way through the labyrinth of steep rock walls, deep fjords, glaciers, wild rivers, wetlands etc. In such parts, to run 1 km takes 4x more time than to run 1 km on trail in the civilized mountains in the south.

His route is perfectly planned, yet it might be changed on the way north according to the current physical, mood and weather state. We want to surprise the audience by its variety, so before the start of the trip, we keep it secret. We told the detailed plan in advance only to our partners. 

Approximate map of our NPL route

Media output of "Norge på langs 2019" project


Film - artistic feature length documentary (big experience after producing 2 similar bestselling movies about the world's best climber)

Book - beautifuly made paper book with a lot of pictures, stories, tips and some of our thoughts

Reports on the web page - as long as it will be technically possible (mobile phone reception), we try to do daily reports from the trip. Photos, short story with facts, map, sometimes small video etc.

Daily social media reports + materials for "SoMe" of our partners

Reports in local media - both in Norway and Czech Republic

Public presentations - festivals, races, photo exhibition, TV shows


Bára waiting for Petr in a meeting point in the wild mountains of Sulitjelma during 2017 training trip

Cars and logistics

This project is really complicated and challenging in terms of logistics and we need 2 cars for it! One smaller handy car for any needs and a bigger camping car. We need the big car from more reasons.

  • Base - our trip  shall be a run. at least that is the plan. This means, the runner needs to have relatively light backpack, max 10 kg, it is impossible for everyone to run with 25 kg backpack for so many days. So the whole 3000 km trail will be divided into many shorter segments with "resupply points", where the runner will meet the support team, eat, sometimes sleep, resupply, change the batteries and SD cards with filmed footage, film daily message for the social media, get care of small injuries etc.

  • Filming flexibility - huge aspect of this project is filming. Sometimes, the second cameraman will be joining the runner for a part of the segment to film him on a special place. Then the cameraman needs to get back to the car and drive to the next meeting point. In between, the runner will be also running to the next meeting point. The rest of the support team with the second car must already be there, waiting for the runner! That is why we really need 2 cars. Sometimes the runner will run let's say 50 km across a wilderness with no roads. For the runner, it is only 50 km. But for the car, to get to the next point, it can easily be 300-400 km ride sometimes, because of the lack of the roads and because of the difficulty of the terrain in Norway. So there must be 2 cars.

  • Editing - important aspect of the trip is "Editing on the road". We want to bring the audience many small daily reports. Photos, stories for social media, web page update and if possible, also small film reports every few days. That is why the support team has to have 1 bigger car - a van or camping car with electricity, internet and a table - to be able to spend long hours editing, no matter the weather outside etc.

It is simply absolutely impossible to spend more than 2 months on the front seat of fully loaded small car, in long cold rainy days high in the mountains, without the ability to sleep, cook, edit movies and photos etc. Bear in mind, that this is Norway. Weather can absolutely affect this project. So we must be prepared for the worst case scenario. Currently we own 2 new cars, Škoda Octavia and Škoda Kodiaq, one of them will be the small car.


Our "base camp car"during filming the project Arctic Challenge 2018

Why is our NPL project "different"?

Our journey has many interesting aspects. Sports, adventurous, entertaining, motivational and also commercial. It will be historically the first (to our knowledge) really "honest" off/trail run across Norway or if you want an extreme variant of Norge på langs. This will bring us incredible variety of small stories, activities and therefore possibilities of getting authentic quality material. It won't be just about monotonous running at all! As stated above, we won't choose the shortest and easiest way, but the opposite. The most beautiful, various and remote one within our powers! We will simply try to make it more interesting for us = for our followers. How?

Variety of activities...

  • Climbing a few iconic norwegian mountains - within the bounds of possibility (current weather, time schedule and the current physical shape), we'll try to climb to the top of Galdhøpiggen, Store Svuku, Kvingtinden, Okssolten, Halti. Since we start 4 weeks later than planned, any of these mountains will be huge reward :-)
  • Blåmannsissen glacier traverse - the "only" way how to get from Sulitjelma to Narvik fjellet further north with "dry feet" and not using the main E6 road and Sweden. For details, see the next paragraph "Staying in Norway".

  • Sea kayaking - in case of steady weather, the runner will try to get to Magerøya (here lies mysterious Nordkapp, the final destination of our journey) on the sea. People normally use the 7 km long underwater tunnel.

  • Canoeing on rivers Susna and/or Altaelva and crossing southern part of lake Femunden and part of lake Røssvatnet.


Enjoying total freedom deep in the remote parts of Femundsmarka

Staying only in Norway!

Another huge challenge of this trip (hard to say if possible since we start so late and snow can come anytime in the north in September) is to try to stay only on nowegian soil. Sounds obvious, but it is not. Not if you want to stay out of the main roads as we do. Why? Norway is very long, but in one part, it's really narrow. We are talking about the part between the towns of Fauske and Narvik. The narrowest part between the fjord and the wild border with Sweden is only 6 km wide. If you want to go north, you must use the only road, famous E6 + ferry boat. But we try to skip both.


West coast of the narrowest part of Norway with one of our aims Stetinden (left summit)

This part of Norway is really special. In the east, it is marked by the very straight border with Sweden in really very deserted mountains, far from any roads. West border is made of really curvy, wild and bizzare coastal landscape with enormous rock faces falling straight to the deep fjords, creating countless bays and peninsulas. In between, it's a land of so many steep mountains, glaciers, glacier rivers which you can't wade, big parts are covered by snow the whole year. Everybody who goes NPL uses in this part of Norway either E6 road and the ferry or continues from Sulitjelma north through Sweden in much milder terrain.


Petr and Čenda during the training and exploration trip to remote parts of Norway in summer 2017


We try to stay in the mountains of Norway. Any quick rescue action or even just support for the runner is practically not possible here. It will be really tough, unsupported and possibly dangerous and slow 150 km. Sounds hard, if you keep in mind that it will be after cca 1900 demanding km already. But if we organize it well and the weather allows (it can snow here heavily anytime) and if Peter manages to stay injury free, it might be real. Small chance, but we at least try... If it won't be possible, Sweden or Finnland is also an beautiful option ;-) So case of injury, total exhaustion or really bad conditions in the steep coastal mountains, we will use the E6 or Sweden, but that is hopefully not gonna happen. Wish us luck!  ;-)


Summer mountains in the most narrow part of Norway observed from Stetinden - still a lot of snow

ON-LINE publishing straight from the expedition

As stated above, we will do our best to publish a lot of photos, texts, facts, stories and sometimes also small edited video reports straight from the road. So not just a few quick insta-stories, but relatively high level of newscast even despite our small budget.

The main runner Petr will be also the main cameraman. That is ultra challenge. But it is Petr's everyday bread. He is used to film in any weather in any terrain in any year season. Very often he is out in the mountains with super heavy backpacks full of film and photo equipment + all the gear needed for survival. This is his specialty. Here, on this trip, he will use all the latest achievements of technology development (list of photo/film gear comes in separate article), so he will be able to still be relatively light to run and at the same time he will have great cameras, small drone, light clothes and food to be able to do both running and filming interesting situations on the road.


Petr at work, following runners, bikers, climbers or skiers anywhere. On the trip he'll have much lighter film equipment


Also the support team must do everything to show high performance. Solving the logistic problems, supporting the runner in any scenario with everything necessary, filming and photographing additional footage for the film and for sponsors, writing the diary (base for the upcoming book), editing photos and videos for the web page etc.


Support team Bára and Patryk cooking and waiting for Petr on strategic point during 2017 training trip.

We will try to reach high level of sharing such complex outdoor project, but at the same time, we will put huge emphasis on preserving the authentic and genuine spirit of a small and pure adventurous journey. Courageous words, we know, and maybe we fail. But life is to be lived and we at really try...

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