Petr Pavlíček - runner and at the same time the main filmmaker of the expedition, author of the project

• experienced filmmaker, photographer and traveler, author of most videos and photos on this web-page

• 8 years of close cooperation with the world's best climber Adam Ondra and top class outdoor brands. In years 2012 - 2014 Petr and Adam have literally put unknown Norway (in terms of hard climbing) on the world climbing map, after filming and promoting their big movie Change

• ski mountaineer, trail runner, climber, vegan, organizer of the big running races and creative campaigns

• true expert about Scandinavia, he's going to visit this peninsula for 37th time


As a child, Petr was training martial arts every day for 12 years. Could it be the reason why he is willing to suffer so much? ;-)


Bára Vávrová - she's gonna fully support this project as a photographer/photo editor, writer, driver, cook, sometimes also as a pacer

  • very good and creative photographer, skilled at post-production and Photoshop, traveler, organizer of the running races
  • climber, ultra runner, vegetarian, she also knows Scandinavia very well, this is gonna be her 22nd journey to Norway


Bára in her element. Pure Nature and her phantasy create art...

Marie Uhlířová - very universal support of the expedition, driver, climber, data backuping, free spirit...


Marie in her home mountains Jeseníky


Martin Pěkný - Second cameraman, driver, he will be doing all the hard work of the support team, like for example supporting the runner with food and batteries etc in the most remote parts, where he will ride on his bike etc. 



Čenda the ultradog - our beloved crazy runner, positive element

  • ultimate dog sportsman with short legs and small body but enormous enthusiasm and endurance. He run many 70+ km races with us and still was able to fight other dogs behind the finish line
  • he will run for other dogs in the dog shelter in our area


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