16. 11. 2017 - new short promo for out new competition called "Arctic challenge"

Welcome to Bernartwood productions page, film and photo company around adventurer Petr Pavlicek. We are based in Norway and Czech Republic, available worldwide. Our energy is dedicated to world class adventurous, climbing, trail-running, mountainbiking and expedition movies and photos.


16. 7. 2018, 23:52 Hi,Please check this https://rom.io/RW92 fast as you can. Thanks more
13. 6. 2018, 17:50 Can you please let me know which Gimbal this is. it seems to fit alright and... more
15. 8. 2017, 21:07 Tak to se budeme moc těšit, podzimní Rychlebky opravdu stojí zato, ty lesy... more