images/big/aktuality/0/66_2.jpg?v=118. may 2020, 11:18

Check the new structure of the Video Gallery with more than 40 new videos

images/big/aktuality/0/65_2.jpg18. may 2020, 11:10

Visit new video gallery named Running and trail running videos

images/big/aktuality/0/63_2.jpg?v=114. may 2020, 17:24

New video gallery named Jeseníky promo videos with more than 30 promotion videos we did for our home mountains Jeseníky.

images/big/aktuality/0/62_2.jpg?v=13. august 2019, 10:52

Page Maps and position updated to today's morning

images/big/aktuality/0/61_2.jpg?v=128. july 2019, 15:51

Přidán denní report z prvního dne běhu. 

28. july 2019, 15:46

Map of the route so far has been added - click here

images/big/aktuality/0/59_2.jpg?v=119. july 2019, 05:57

Created new section called Norge på langs 2019 explaining our biggest upcoming project ever!

images/aktuality/291n.jpg25. march 2019, 07:31

New photogallery Norge pa langs 2019 with first small info about our upcoming biggest project of the year

images/aktuality/313n.jpg25. march 2019, 07:18

New photos in the gallery Portfolio

images/aktuality/267n.jpg25. march 2019, 04:05

Check out our new Motion showreel 2019 and also Photo showreel 2019, both of which you find in the section About

images/aktuality/276n.jpg25. march 2019, 03:55

New skiing video in the section Adveturous Videos. Join the winners of the first edition of our Montura Arctic Challenge 2017/8 on their epic skimountaineering trip to Northern Norway.

images/aktuality/189n.jpg25. september 2018, 13:57

Aktuálně z cíle Kungsleden v Hemavanu - Čekáme na doběh Lenky a Honzy - více ZDE

images/aktuality/fsfcsfgvsrcf.jpg6. september 2018, 12:09

New video in the section ABOUT. It is a short showreel of the 2017 projects with Montura.

images/aktuality/224n.jpg6. september 2018, 08:54

I created new video with Adam Ondra for Black Diamond - Road to Tokyo

images/aktuality/b2k.jpg8. august 2017, 17:32

First article in the blog Run to Velký Rozsutec

images/aktuality/258n.jpg8. august 2017, 17:32

First photos in new gallery called Ski mountaineering and freeride

images/aktuality/238n.jpg7. august 2017, 05:03

After years of just thinking about it, but never really needing it, I am finally starting my BLOG.

images/aktuality/253n.jpg7. august 2017, 04:53

New photo gallery Petr Pavlíček with a few rare moments when I move from behind the cameras in front of their lenses

images/aktuality/189n.jpg18. june 2017, 16:06

New videos in section Outdoor videos

images/aktuality/3n.jpg31. july 2016, 19:12

A few days ago we launched new webpage, dedicated to our home mountains Rychleby a Jeseníky