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7. august 2017, viewed 49256x

Run to Velký Rozsutec

I feel it again... After so many almost sleepless days and nights working on several projects in a row, I can not hold myself at home anymore! Highest time to make a short break from tons of video editing, negotiating, now also webdesign etc. All is fine, I like it all, it is what I freely chose to do, but sometimes too many things happen at once. Sometimes people (or simply life) make way too many unexpected changes in the long-term plans, so you adapt again and again untill one day the head simply says "Enough, stop for a while!!" And requires proper cleanning. If you don´t listen, your productivity rapidly drops and body starts to wear out. Luckily I have medicines for such moments. One of them is called Slovakia! more

5. august 2017, viewed 5684x

Small night flashback - 5. 8. 2017

Well, OK... For many years I have been thinking about writing a blog. Not a diary, but more like my personal space for occasional expression of my thoughts, experiences or daily joys... But I never really started. It is 02:24 a.m. August 5th 2017 and I am as usually working late into the night. Today I am working here, on the new version of my webpage. I was neglecting it for so many years, damn... In fact, when I started to have big possibilities to do only what l love, which came with the first big sponsors like 9 yers ago, I practically stopped working on all of my webpages. Also my social media life was just a weak endeavour. There was simply no time and better no need to do it, I had so much cool work anyway... more