About Bernartwood

"Bernartwood" is outdoor sports oriented production company around adventurer and filmmaker Petr Pavlíček. I come from the Czech Republic, but my deep love with Scandinavia makes me spend many months each year with my cameras behind the Arctic circle, mainly in Norway. More than 12 years me and my friends dedicate our energy to the production of cutting edge adventurous documentaries, sport movies and lately also tourist destination promo videos and photos.

For long 8 years I have very closely worked with the world's best climber Adam Ondra and we produced many well known videos and 2 of the world's bestselling climbing films - The Wizards Apprentice (2012) and Change (2014).

I founded and organize one of the most popular Czech ultramarathons called Zapomenuté hory (Forgotten mountains)

I am also producing complex film and photo materials for big tourist destinations - Jeseníky 2019

But my biggest strength is definitely in the huge field of outdoor sport activities.

I am an expert in cinematic camera work "in motion" using different kinds gimbals, drones, cable-cams etc.  I can now follow trailrunners, mountainbikers or skiers and other fast moving athletes and create for you silky smooth film footage from literally everywhere. Nowadays I am a capable active trail-runner, skier and climber with long years of experience in martial arts and winter arctic expeditions, which gave me solid physical base for my work. 

 I love to work in the most difficult outdoor enviroments, wild Nature is my home. Me and my friends search for our own strong stories full of emotions and action. We often film in inaccessible places, from remote freezing polar areas to the biggest mountain walls. There´s literally no impossible film angle.

I fluently speak English, German and several Slavic languages (Czech, Slovak, Polish, partly Russian).

I will be happy to create innovative projects together with you!

Feel free to send me interesting project suggestion, cooperation request or question...

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