images/aktuality/vimeo-foto.jpg19. january 2016, 21:17

New video from northern Norway - watch here on the front page :-)

images/aktuality/234n.jpg14. january 2016, 20:16

New photos in Portfolio

images/aktuality/233n.jpg13. january 2016, 18:25

New pictures in the gallery Human and Nature

images/aktuality/229n.jpg8. january 2016, 21:21

New section Instagram videos created. Here you find Bernartwood Instagram videos in beter quality

images/aktuality/231n.jpg5. january 2016, 04:45

New photos in the gallery dedicated to Trailrunning

images/aktuality/204n.jpg5. january 2016, 03:23

New photos in our Portfolio

images/aktuality/224n.jpg4. january 2016, 13:19

First photos in new gallery named Sports portraits

images/aktuality/222n.jpg3. january 2016, 09:44

New photos in the gallery Human and Nature

images/aktuality/216n.jpg3. january 2016, 08:48

New photos in the gallery Landscapes

images/aktuality/199n.jpg2. january 2016, 05:58

New photos in the Lifestyle gallery

images/aktuality/206n.jpg2. january 2016, 05:32

6 new photos in Human and Nature gallery

images/aktuality/189n.jpg21. december 2015, 06:11

Established new gallery decicated to Trail running and ultrarunning in beautiful Nature

images/aktuality/183n.jpg23. march 2015, 11:26

New photos in the Landscapes gallery

images/aktuality/137n.jpg19. march 2015, 15:03

This website is oficially released :-)

images/aktuality/11n.jpg17. march 2015, 23:45

New gallery with the pictures we like most - Portfolio

images/aktuality/84n.jpg17. march 2015, 23:45

Created new gallery dedicated to our friend and best climber in the world Adam Ondra

images/aktuality/70n.jpg17. march 2015, 23:28

Established photogallery named Landscapes with 20 new photos

images/aktuality/110n.jpg17. march 2015, 23:28

New gallery with more than 40 photots called Human and Nature was established

images/aktuality/162n.jpg17. march 2015, 18:48

New gallery Fine Art with first 17 photos

images/aktuality/52n.jpg4. march 2015, 05:15

New gallery called Climbing photos