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I believe that we, people of this wonderful planet, don't need any rulers, politicians, religions, simply any artificial institutions, which tend to tell and order people what is (according to the ruler) good or wrong, what is allowed or shall be punished... Everybody has all the answers inside, and we shall listen much more to our intuition, to the feeling "in the guts", to our dreams... But how to hear it? People are not born evil, no matter the colour or country. It is the environment, family, school, media... What makes them believe into soon many bullshit! And who is behind it? Again, rulers and those stupid institutions, which just separate people and should be finally abandoned... And it is happening, as more and more people wake up and see the so long hidden truth.
I personally believe, that Nature is incredible catalysator of persons awakening. Places like this give you power to go for your child dreams, even against crowds of people wanting you to be "normal" = slave like them. Go into the clean silent Nature to listen your inner child better and then become the ruler of your life! Please..

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