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Cold Finnmarksvidda

Human and Nature, 7. april 2016, viewed: 4516x, today: 2x

A moment from training 2 week long cold expedition to the highest mountain of Finnland called Halti. Halti lies at the border with Norway and will be one of our chosen summits, which will be ancluded into the run. If weather allows...

I do not know what drives people to such "hostile" cold places far from the comfortable modern life. Sometimes it really hurts and I honestly do not know why is this inner "call of the wild" so strong. I just know that whenever I feel it in my bones, I just have to go.

If you can share it with another amazing person, especially with a "fragile beautiful girl", the whole experience gets even stronger dimension. Luckily enough, there are a few such adventurous souls walking on the surface of this wonderful planet.

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